About Us

We are Shipitkwik

Fast Growing Delivery Company

Founded in 2018 and we are growing fast, we provide a first class delivery service and always put your best interests first before our own.

Unlike the larger corporations we are a family run business. And we are grateful to every customer that use’s our service, and we know that the only way for us to grow is by keeping you and all our other customers happy.

Same Day Delivery Service

We offer 24 Hour Deliveries day and night 365 days a year.

Our Customer service representatives are here day and night to answer your call.

We have a-lot of contracted clients and also many casual customers who use us when they get stuck or have special requirements.

No shipment is to small, but as for big our max load capacity is 2000kg.

Our goal is simple we are here to keep you happy and provide you with a first class delivery service.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

From the

The Lyonheir Family

Best Wishes