Our Vehicles

From Small Vans to HGV Lorries

We have a wide range of vehicles on our fleet to meet the most demanding customer needs, ranging from the most efficient of small vans to Luton Trucks we also have Articulated lorries and HGV for all your delivery requirements.

Our van fleet includes small vans (SV), short wheel base transits (SWB), long wheel base transits (LWB), extra-long wheel base transits (XLWB) and Luton vehicles. We also have 7.5 Ton Luton, 12 Ton Luton, 13.6m Artics, and Hiab’s Skellie 44 ft HGV lorries available at request.

See the diagram below for the internal dimensions of each vehicle.

Small Van (SV)

  • Max Load 400kg
  • Height 1.0m
  • Length 1.5m
  • Width 1.2m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.0m
  • Carries 1 x Standard Pallet

Short Wheel Base (SWB)

  • Max Load 900kg
  • Height 1.3m
  • Length 2.3m to 2.4m
  • Width: 1.4m to 1.6m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.25m
  • Carries 2 x Standard Pallets

Long Wheel Base (LWB)

  • Max Load 1300kg
  • Height 1.75m
  • Length 3.2m to 3.6m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m
  • Carries 3 x Standard Pallets

Extra Long Wheel Base (XLWB)

  • Max Load: 1200kg
  • Height: 1.83m
  • Length: 4.0m to 4.2m
  • Width: 1.7m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m
  • Carries 4 x Standard Pallets

Luton Van

  • Max Load: 1200kg
  • Height: 2.0m
  • Length: 4.0m
  • Width: 2.0m
  • Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets
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